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Introducing Museum by Miss Gray in-house couture, and our first 'wear for a decade' timeless statement piece, the Legacy Leather Pant.

With artisan craftsmanship and the finest materials, the Legacy Leather Pant is of everlasting design and timeless class with maximum comfort & glamour. This high-waisted supple Italian leather pant has luxurious pure silk lining, a distinct cinched waistband with trim and an elegant straight leg, offering the ultimate hourglass silhouette.

Designed to be the ultimate comfort-fit pant with an internal elastic waistband to move with your natural movements that can be cinched to your liking. This leather pant styled with your favourite Mine by Miss Gray luxe vintage blouses every day will replace your denim jean or corporate pant, becoming your wardrobe staple statement piece, for all-day, everyday wear.

Ethically and sustainably sourced in Italy and couture made in Australia, wearing our Legacy Leather Pant you will leave your very own style and sustainable legacy.

Buy For Love. Wear Forever.

+ Black
+ 100% Italian super soft lambskin leather
+ 100% Pure silk lining
+ Australian couture
+ Front zip
+ Front press stud closure and waist tie
+ Internal elastic waistband
+ Side pockets

Garment Care: A3

Model: 5'7" wearing size 8

About the made to order Size Guide, Production timeframe, History of the Legacy Leather Pant, Payment Options, Sustainability and Exchange below

Size Guide & Best Fit

*Actual pant measurements (not body)

Best Fit:

The Legacy Leather Pant is constructed to give you an hourglass silhouette.

Due to the nature of leather being supple and having a natural elasticity, leather will stretch over time to shape and mould your own body. Depending on how tight the pant is on your body type will depend on where the most stretch occurs. However leather hold it form strong and will not go out of shape. You will find the pant will be most comfortable after wearing a few days to a few weeks after it has completely shaped your body.

To best achieve this the waist should be firm, we have included a waist tie and internal elastic inside the waistband to secure it to your desired firmness. The hips and legs are designed for you to move freely and comfortably which is why you can allow greater space in this area. By combining the fit of these two elements of the waist and the leg be bring you comfort and glamour.

Selecting Your Size:

Your Waist: Should ideally be between 2cm or 3/4in smaller and up to max 4cm or 1.5in bigger (very firm) than actual pant measurement due to being able to cinch waist

Your Hips: Should ideally be between 4cm-10cm or 1.5in-4in smaller than actual pant measurement

Length: Will approximately sit at ankle for 5’6”-5’9” 100cm or 39.5in from top of waistband (not inc. top trim)

Custom Length: If you require custom length for short or tall we can accomodate with no exchange - Contact Us

Help: If you require assistance selecting the size most suitable for you, Contact Us and we can provide assistance.

How to Measure Your Body:

Hold the tape around you until it sits in place, don’t pull too firmly

Waist: Measure smallest part of your waist

Hips: Measure biggest part of your hips

Length: Measure from the smallest part of your waist down to your ankle bone. You can also measure a high waist pant you already own to compare


Refer to Garment Care tab below for information about the nature of leather and how it will wear over time.


As this item is made to order, we do not offer refunds. However, we offer a size exchange. Refer to our Returns & Exchanges page for detailed information.

Our Legacy

Introducing Museum by Miss Gray in-house couture, and our premier timeless statement piece, the Legacy Leather Pant.

With luxury Italian leather and couture made in Australia, the Legacy Leather Pant is a recreation of our most worn and loved vintage leather pant in our personal collection. This exceptional leather pant seen throughout our online vintage boutique and on our Instagram is paired with almost every top, blouse, knit, trench and blazer.

This leather pant has been our staple statement pant for the past 8 years, wearing them up to 4 times per week and with our love and care they still remain timeless and in as pristine condition as the day we bought them.

Styled with your favourite Mine by Miss Gray luxe vintage blouses everyday, minimal makeup and a trademark red lip, the Legacy Leather Pant has defined our style and sustainable legacy and will define yours too, becoming the most essential addition to your wardrobe this decade.

Buy for Love. Wear Forever.



A few decades ago there were only 4 seasons made by fashion retailers per year where clothes were of the highest quality, cherished and worn over and over again. However, with the introduction of Fast Fashion, the fashion industry now sees up to 52 micro-seasons a year, per retailer, with whole new lines released weekly. Women are consuming fashion, yes, consuming in great quantity, at an alarming rate; wearing clothing only a handful of times before it falls apart or is completely out of fashion and then thrown in the bin ending up in landfill. Even 84% of clothing donated to charity stores is shipped overseas into landfill. Fashion is the second biggest polluter in the world behind oil, by buying it, you are contributing to destroying our planet.

The human and environmental health problems associated with clothing are hidden throughout the lifecycle of each garment; from exponential water waste, to the release of toxic dyes into local water sources, to worker’s low wages and poor/abusive/illegal working conditions; the environmental and social costs involved in textile manufacturing are devastating.

Additionally, ‘planned obsolescence’ is a trick companies use to create recurring revenue, by intentionally designing their products to become obsolete. AND CONSUMERS FALL FOR IT! Designs that are in fashion today but intentionally out of fashion tomorrow. Plus, intentionally producing poor quality items. Within a matter of weeks customers find new clothing comes apart at the seams or loses colour, soles coming off footwear, or jewellery breaking apart, all of this forcing you to shop more and more.


The Miss Gray fashion model!

Miss Gray redefines the current fashion model of overconsuming and disposing. We’re replacing the: 'Wear for a day', throw away mindset, with a: 'Wear for a decade', treasuring mindset, in both vintage and couture. So you can be both glamorous and kind to the planet.

Buy for Love. Wear Forever.

See more about sustainability under 'Industry' on our FAQ page

Garment Care

Please read carefully before wearing:


The Legacy Leather Pant (LLP) is easy to care for and will be long-lasting, up to 10 years when treated correctly and with love.

This is a genuine leather garment and there are many pieces of leather hide used in the creation of one pair of pants. Every piece of hide will always slightly vary as they are from a natural source. A pant may have minor differences throughout, in thickness, grain and marks, which are all normal for this type of fabric. Due to the nature of leather, some variation in shape and texture and are expected with time, depending how they fit you, how frequently they are worn, how they are worn & stored and cleaning.


Hang on a strong well-shaped clip hanger using the leather protectors provided. Do not store in plastic bags. Store where air can circulate and avoid contact with humidity.


Please wear this pant for suitable activities; no hip hop classes, no skiing, no jogging and no cleaning!

Be very careful near or using sharp objects or sitting on abrasive surfaces, as some holes, tears and scratches may be irreparable.

Pets claws can cause holes, be careful not to pick them up, have them sit on you or play with them while wearing the pant.

With love and care this garment can last up to 10yrs+, therefore, we bear no responsibility for damages caused by wear.


Product Care Page

Air Clean
 - To freshen your LLP simply refer to our Product Care Page under > Garment Care > Type E – Air Clean

Wipe Clean & Freshen - For wiping clean a small spill refer to our Product Care page under > Other Garment Care > Leather Care

Dry-Clean by Leather Specialist Only - If required after a few years, or if you have a serious spill refer to our Product Care page under > Other Garment Care > Leather Care

Production & Shipping

As the Legacy Leather Pant is made-to-order, once your order is paid in full, production will commence by our leather couturier. Completion times from full and final payment will vary from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the number of orders we have in the queue at the time. If you require the pant within a specific timeframe please Contact Us prior to purchasing and we can provide you with an accurate timeframe.

Your LLP will then be carefully packaged for delivery. The shipping times are on top of production time and vary depending on location. Approximately 3-7 days for Australia and 10-30 days for international orders. Shipping times may also have unexpected delays due to Covid.

Signature on delivery required for every order.

Payment Options

Credit card, Apple Pay, Paypal and Afterpay available at online checkout.

Payment is non-refundable, as your pant is made to order and begins production.