Miss Gray


Wear for a Decade

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean basics made of bamboo or hemp, or shopping at thrift stores. It doesn’t mean making zero impact, because when we consume anything we make an impact. If you want to live a lifestyle that allows you to indulge in the luxuries this world has to offer, sustainability means reducing and limiting your impact.

By shopping with Miss Gray, sustainability is woven into the fabric and design of each garment. A philosophy about quality and timeless class, by replacing clothes you will wear for a day with clothes you’ll wear for a decade.

With MINE: Luxe Curated Vintage, you are buying pristine rare recycled clothing that has already lasted many decades and will last many more to come. A collector’s item you will cherish forever. With MUSEUM: In-House Couture, you are buying something new where we have done the conscious thinking for you, and that you now inherently acquire. A staple statement piece you will wear daily.

Sustainability can be glamorous if you wear Miss Gray, and you;
Buy for Love. Wear Forever.