Miss Gray


by Miss Gray

Introducing Museum by Miss Gray in-house couture, a decade-season collection, and our premier timeless statement piece, the Legacy Leather Pant.

With luxury Italian leather and couture made in Australia, the Legacy Leather Pant is a recreation of our most worn and loved vintage leather pant in our personal collection. This exceptional leather pant seen throughout our online vintage boutique and on our Instagram is paired with almost every top, blouse, knit, trench and blazer.

This leather pant has been our staple statement pant for the past 8 years, wearing them up to 4 times per week and with our love and care they still remain timeless and in as pristine condition as the day we bought them.

Styled with a Mine by Miss Gray luxe vintage blouse, minimal makeup and a trademark red lip, the Legacy Leather Pant has defined our style and our sustainable legacy, and will define yours too, becoming the most essential addition to your wardrobe this decade.

Miss Gray redefines the current fashion model of over-consuming and disposing. We’re replacing the: ‘wear for a day’, throw away mindset', with a: ‘wear for a decade’, treasuring mindset, in both vintage and couture. So you can be both glamorous and kind to the planet.

The Legacy Leather Pant is just the first of many Museum by Miss Gray ‘wear for a decade’ statement pieces. Be the first to see Miss Gray release and exhibit the finest couture collection of comfort and glamour to add to your wardrobe.

Buy for Love. Wear Forever.