Miss Gray


A Whole New World
Of Luxury

Our very first memory of fashion is watching our Mum dress up on date night in a classic black dress, a red lip and gold earrings. To us, she was the epitome of elegance and we wanted to be just like her.

Growing up as young girls with a single Mum we didn't have the money to buy clothes but we used our Mum’s wardrobe, and clothes from secondhand stores to conjured the feeling of extravagance and transport ourselves to a world of glamour.

Now as women, with over 19 years collecting vintage & antiques, styling women, men and homes, writing music and through our approach of Designing for the Senses, we discovered, luxury is a feeling; and thus, The Luxurious World of Miss Gray was born.

We invite you to explore and shop our exquisite showcase; Museum by Miss Gray in-house couture and Mine by Miss Gray luxe curate vintage. Two collections that epitomise our love for style and elegance at it's finest.

With our unparalleled styling advice we show you how to be comfortable, glamorous and classic all while being sustainable. With an exclusive shopping experience, discover rare treasures of incomparable beauty, that you’ll love and cherish for a lifetime.

Within the world of Miss Gray, the possibilities are endless. Envelop your senses, discover it for yourself. We welcome you to our world… and be sure to stay awhile.

Always overdressed
Kristy and Alicia Gray

“Showing women a new way to dress,
yet an old way to dress!”

Miss Gray