Miss Gray


The Collectors

Surrounded by hung works of ultra-muse photographer Helmut Newton, mirrored walls, flowers and ferns, and a pathway of mood-lit palms, flickering candlelight and Iranian chandeliers cast spontaneous light and shadows. 

An enchantment with history and culture; furniture of Turkish lounges, Moroccan rugs, Italian alfresco dining and a Grecian urn take pride of place. Homewares of Japanese crockery, Russian teacups, French cutlery and Bohemian crystalware are polished to perfection. Artefacts of Egyptian porcelain, Old English books, Chinese brass bowls and Indian jewellery are precisely staged.

A noticeable fascination with matching twin objects; shining candelabras, brass mermaids, marble horse heads and scented perfume burners pose throughout, while the antique conductor stand instructs the onyx gloss piano to play, resonating the hall and beyond.

Finally, the end and the beginning; a compilation of two decades of collecting & curating antique and vintage clothing & jewellery. A magnificent exhibition floor to ceiling brings unexpected awe to few who are invited.

It’s our home, it’s our museum, it's our galley… it's our Ariel's secret cave.

Welcome to our world… and be sure to stay awhile.