Miss Gray


by Miss Gray

Introducing Mine by Miss Gray luxe curated vintage of timeless class, comfort & glamour from all over the world. As we hand curate our exquisite collection of refined taste, we pass on our style and the essence of ourselves in each and every piece.

Each garment has an intricate past that possesses an allure. It is in its history, fine fabrics and grand prints that bring romance and transports you to a world of luxury when you wear them. It is in the quality and timeless design that feels as if it were made today but holds all the nostalgic enchantment of the past.

With our desire to dress ALL women, we specialise in the most exquisite one-style-fits-all blouses.

With your luxe statement blouse styled with our Museum by Miss Gray in-house couture Legacy Leather Pant, minimal makeup and a trademark red lip, it's simply effortless getting dressed with comfort and glamour every day.

Buy For Love. Wear Forever.